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Perhaps you are a fan from my years of illustration work, or know me from my years in game design. Maybe you are aware of my work in animation on shows like Archer or Marvel’s Hit-Monkey. You might even know me from my recent novel, Valhollywood. Whatever your reason for coming, thank you! Here you can use the links above to find examples of my artwork through the years, find out news about upcoming writing, or just reach out to me.  



2/18/24 – I took part in a case study organized by eBookFairs and Dale L Roberts. Four authors and I talked briefly with Dale about our experiences here. 

Here’s a link to the editorial reviews I received on eBookFairs.

2/1/24 – It has been a busy holiday season here. I’ve moved away from the Atlanta area, looking for a new home and a new adventure. I am currently open for work. I’m also working on some new writing projects. As for my novel, Valhollywood, it is available on Amazon and free to read on Kindle Unlimited!