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Perhaps you are a fan from my years of illustration work, or know me from my years in game design. Maybe you are aware of my work in animation on shows like Archer or Marvel’s Hit-Monkey. You might even know me from my recent novel, Valhollywood. Whatever your reason for coming, thank you! Here you can use the links above to find examples of my artwork through the years, find out news about upcoming writing, or just reach out to me.  


11/7/23 – Thanks to those who turned out to support the October fair on eBookFairs. Valhollywood did very well, earning almost 1/5 of the total votes cast. Special thanks to all here who took part!

10/31/2023 – Happy Halloween! Valhollywood is now featured in a book fair on eBookFairs! Please visit the link and vote for Valhollywood. And don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card at the bottom of the page!

10/17/2023 – Some (hopefully) final issues with the new site host have been resolved and the contact page is working. Thanks for your patience during the move.

Thanks also to those who took advantage of the countdown sale on Valhollywood. I hope you’ll leave a review.

10/14/2023 – I’ve updated my DeviantArt profile to include some of the old Transformer and GI Joe Collector Club art that I did. You can see the new gallery here.

10/10/2023 – Free Book Tips did a lovely blurb of the book on their site. “Valhollywood is a gripping tale that brings together the glamour of Hollywood with fantastical elements, ensuring an enthralling read for those seeking their next captivating eBook journey.” You can find the whole review here.

9/30/2023 – October Is just hours away! To celebrate, I’ve updated the portfolio section with a few horror related pieces. 

9/27/2023 – After numerous problems trying to keep the site up with the old hosting company, I am moving my site to a new, and hopefully better, provider who can keep this URL up and running without problems. Sorry for the sporadic service in recent months.